Take Your Dog To Dog Places

Dragging Dog
This sounds so simple wish I did not even have to bring it up. But I see people taking their dogs places they shouldn't all the time. I don't just mean bringing your pet into the grocery store (in the many places where that is forbidden) or the myriad examples I saw today of people bringing dogs to a no dogs allowed walk, although those are certainly examples of things to avoid. But bringing your dog to places that he or she is not prepared for or that is really a place for humans and your dog doesn't enjoy is just as much of a problem.

The dog in the picture here was taken to an event in my town where no dogs are allowed but the event organizers do not enforce it. It was alternating hitting the end of it's leash getting behind and running to catch up. From the front in particular you could see that it wasn't having fun. The owners did have a stroller to put it in if needed, but they were convinced the dog was "doing fine."

Dog parks are a "dog place" but you may not have a dog park dog (most of us probably don't.) Your local restaurant may allow dogs on the patio, but your dog may just be too stressed by the location. You may be going for a long hike on a trail that welcomes dogs, but your dog may not be in shape for the distance. A lot of areas have a mutt strut or dog parade, but that might be too many other dogs around for your dog.

Don't just take your dogs to places that you can get away with it or even welcome dogs, take your dogs to places that they enjoy. Watch your dog to make sure that it is a good experience, and be ready to protect your dog by taking them out of the situation if necessary.

How do you know if your dog is okay with the situation? Watch their body language and especially for signs that they are tired or stressed.

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