Stress Signs - Smelling Bad

Another sign of stress is smelling bad, either from the coat or the mouth. I know my immediate though if something smells bad is that it is dirty and needs to be washed, but often for our dogs it is stressed and needs to be given protection and space from the stressor and time to decompress. Washing them and brushing teeth will only make things worse. Of course, your dog does need their teeth brushed, but at a time when they are relaxed and when they have been trained that it is an acceptable, if not enjoyable, thing to do. When my dogs smell bad from stress, the smell usually dissipates after they are calmer.
grooming spray bottle
Be aware that often when is your dog is at the vet, boarded or groomed, they will be returned to you having been sprayed with grooming spray or another product to cover up this scent. While your dog might find any of these experiences stressful, you want to know so you can take steps in the future to reduce the stress. It is a good idea to ask for your dog not to be treated with this.

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